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Beepo & Pogo

Link to game page here.

Beepo & Pogo is a magnetic puzzler made for the 2021 GameMaker's Toolkit Game Jam.

Its theme was "Joined Together" and in that spirit, Beepo & Pogo are 2 magnet bots that need to attract and repel each other in order to progress through their test rooms. I provided the level design and music composition for this project, as well as contributed to the overall game design.

I worked alongside an 8 person team overall. Ben Brook worked on game design, VFX, and UI, Darrien Blanchard worked on prop modeling, Dylan Klimeck worked as the character artist, Greg Gonzalez worked on 2D animation and motion graphics, Joey Belt worked on environment art, Spencer Hamm worked on all rigging and 3D animation, and John Washington lead programming and game systems design.

If you would like to see the full game page for Beepo & Pogo, the link to the game page is here.


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